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Over 25 Year's experience in the cremation industry. Our business is more then just a job, we love our pets and want to insure that in the end of our clients pets life we can offer them the best "Final Gift".

Charm City Pet Crematory was started in Baltimore, Maryland in April of 2007, to provide a local cremation facility so that owners pets would be cremated locally instead of transporting there beloved be far away from their owners.; Since our conception we have accumulated a very long list of satisfied clients. We also have the experience and the knowledge to help you through this difficult time. We will always continue to strive to maintain the highest customer satisfaction standards in the industry.

We are a family owned business. We are not owned by a large corporation like some other companies. Being family owned and having many pets ourselves we understand fully what you might go through when your beloved pet passes away. We currently service families in, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, & surrounding Counties. You may bring your pet to us directly, or your veterinarian. Just ask them for us to provide the cremation services for your pet.

​If you live outside of our service area, you can also bring your pet directly to us. Just give us a call.
We are committed to tradition. We stand for professionalism, considerate discretion and personal support. We respect both the wishes of the deceased and the bereaved and therefore address every concern as individually as possible.

Paying final respects to the deceased with dignity is just as important to us as offering support to the family and friends they have left behind. We will be there by your side in this difficult situation, to console you and give you the space you need to go through the process of grieving. We never lose sight of our role as an understanding companion to you during your time of mourning. You can turn to us for personal guidance. Our Pets are every part of our life's, our children have grown up loving there furry brothers and sisters. We listen and understand the deep love of our fur babies.

Charm City Pet Crematory

5500 O'Donnell St, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA


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