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Turning Pet Ashes into Beautiful Jewelry

At Pet Ashes we help families memorialize thier beloved pet and continue carrying their presence through custom jewelry, urns and related pet keepsakes.  

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Custom Pet Urns

Pet Ashes has access to amazing designers, that specialize in creating unique pet urns to remember and honor your loved one. 

Pet Cremation Candle Holders & Tealights

Candleholder and Tealight cremation urns provide a way to subtly display your loved one’s remains in a way that truly honors their memory. Each time you light the candle, you can visualize the way they brought so much beautiful joy into your life.

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Pet Ashes Ornaments

Crafted with care, are individualized custom pet ashe ornaments. Hang them on a tree outside, over a door, on a mantle, or wherever you want to have a reminder of your little joy.    

Contact our dedicated pet-loving artists, to begin the process of creating that special keepsake memory.

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